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“Pat's a rock-solid creative guy with a great eye and a real sense of what consumers want. He's dedicated as hell and puts his all into the brands and clients he works with. He's a great partner who isn't afraid to share a challenging point of view.”

Darrell Hurst, VP Management Director: DraftFCB

“I had the pleasure of working in partnership with Pat over a 4yr period, while I was leading the Delissio Frozen Pizza business. I was always impressed with Pat's insight and leadership on the business and trusted his direction. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Dan Mullen, Marketing Director: Nestle Canada

"I had the chance to work with Patrick on some Coors Light projects and doing so has always been a fun experience in itself. Pat is a passionate guy who truly wants to live and breathe your brand. He's there for the client, always open to chat and share his (infinite) ideas. It is a pleasure to work with him."

Bruno Ledoux, Marketing Manager: Coors Light

“Creative Talent whose work helped build the Miller Genuine Draft brand to the global success story that it is today!”

Greg Plowe,  International Marketing Director: SAB Miller/Miller Brewing Co.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Pat on large scale projects such as Win a Shot at a Million and his ability to take a singular creative spark and build a well thought out and integrated campaign is second to none. His vision, leadership and willingness to accommodate client feedback makes him a pleasure to work with. Quite simply, working with Pat means that as a client, you are working with one of the best.”

Steve Elsdon, Associate Advertising Manager: Ontario Lottery and Gaming

“Having worked with Pat across multiple businesses, I quickly learned of his deep understanding of consumer insights, creative eye and openness to feedback. Not only did Pat help develop the body of work that I am most proud of, but it was done with ease because of his commitment to get to the best work possible.”

Meaghan Toll, Senior Marketing Manager: PepsiCo

“I've had the privilege of working with Patrick on a few projects. He is one extremely talented Creative Director with a great eye for all things visual. His attention to detail is incredible.”

Alan MacDonald, SVP, Global Digital Operations: DraftFCB

“I've had the benefit of working with Pat on a number of different programs from the Coors Light Silver Bullet Express to social media activation to brand equity work. What I appreciate most about Pat is twofold: First, is his healthy appetite to test the boundaries of a brand to find breakthrough opportunities and second, his willingness to allow the brand team to participate in the campaign development process beyond the initial briefing discussion. This reinforces the sense that he is invested not only in the quality of his creative but the business results that that creative delivers in turn. I believe these traits are fueled by his infectious curiosity, as he is able to use insights he's gathered from a variety of experiences, stories, and observations to inform his creative process in the best interest of the brand. His fingerprint on the success of the Coors Light business is undeniable. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Pat in the future and continue to have his work add value to the brands and portfolios I manage.”

Barry Alexander, Brand Manager: Coors Light

“Patrick is an incredibly well rounded creative person, excelling in everything from Mass, digital and social to promo/activation. He is a great conceptual thinker and strong strategic thinker. Pat inspires those around him, helps make the work better and always earns the respect of peers and clients alike. Any agency would be fortunate to have Pat as part of their team.”

Jeff Hilts, VP Creative Group Head: DraftFCB

“Patrick possesses a combination of attributes that is rare these days. First, he is a killer creative guy|design guy|idea guy. Strong ideas well executed - consistently - in traditional or digital. Second, he has a practical understanding of the business and that killer thinking applied to sponsorship and promotion will provide stronger immediate return. Third, great guy, pleasure to work with. Other than all that, a complete hack.”

John Lee, Partner: The Electric Fan Company

“I have been lucky enough to know Patrick for the last 5 years. As a master of activation, Pat excels at coming up with big ideas, that are both on strategy and deliver business results. Pat has a flair for creative design that puts him above most. With a strong background in activation and digital, Pat is great addition to any team and an asset for any client business.”

Adam Bleau, Account Director: DraftFCB

“Pat's a truly creative guy who just happens to have picked 'creative' as a job. Our gain is the music scene/BBQ pit/reality TV's loss. Experience, advertising, events, online, promotions... he just wants to play with all kinds of cool stuff and make more cool stuff for your consumers to play with. He's also a good guy who plays nice with others (a bonus in this business). A lot of people throw the word 'engagement' around in marketing. Pat is actually engaging - both as a colleague and in terms of dreaming up original ideas that make peoples' eyes light up. Give him a broad canvas and let him build you something new.”

David Williams, VP Planning: DraftFCB

“I had the pleasure of working with Pat for a few years while leading the Delissio at Kraft and Nestlé. Truly an exceptional creative, he is able to navigate through the clutter and get right to the core of any idea. What has set him apart is his ability to amplify those ideas and generate multi-touchpoint consumer campaigns that engage our consumers in a meaningful brand story. His expertise and experience allow him to easily move beyond traditional media to pull in digital and promotional elements to create breakthrough communication plans that have had meaningful impact on our business. He has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again soon.”

Jeremy Oxley, Director of Marketing: Chocolate & Seasonal: Kraft Canada

“I have known Patrick for close to 20 years and have worked with him in a variety of capacities, most recently as a creative partner. Always in search of big ideas, Patrick excels at stretching them to their limits and bringing them to life 360 degrees with an impressive flair in both the digital and activation areas. Pat is smart strategically and creatively, and incredibly supportive and loyal to both co-workers and friends. I am lucky to have had him as a co-worker, and to continue to have him as a good friend.”

Mark Fitzgerald, VP Group Creative Director: Publicis

“Patrick - is a creative director with a great portfolio of work for international and domestic clients. He has worked in both small boutique agencies and large advertising agencies with a flair for generating and executing big ideas.”

Bruce Barrow, VP Sports, Entertainment & Events: Encore Encore

“I've had the privilege of working with Patrick on a few projects. He is one extremely talented Creative Director with a great eye for all things visual. His attention to detail is incredible.”

Vanya Drakul, Partner/Composer/Director: Pirate Group Inc.

“I have worked with literally hundreds of Creative Directors in this business. Patrick has the unique ability to respond to a brief with both strategic excellence and creative brilliance. I am constantly surprised and delighted by his work, as are the clients! Patrick also has a phenomenal sense of humour, an asset we particularly enjoy over drinks after the shoot ! Thanks Patrick .. you rock !”

Marilyn Barefoot, President: Barefoot Brainstorming

“Pat is an exceptional creative guy. He does whatever it takes to get things done and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves. It was a pleasure working with Pat on the Kraft and Nestle businesses.”

Christine McNab, Partner, Managing Director: Blammo Worldwide

“In working with Patrick, I was always blown away by his ability to peel back the layers of a traditional brief to uncover and deliver upon the client's "true ask". And it amazing to be apart of a moment when the client understands what is being shown, although often jarring, IS EXACTLY what they were looking for...”

Chris Johnston, Group Account Director: The Hive

“If you're looking for a creative genius who leads, inspires and motivates by example, Patrick Weir is your man. He has worked on global brands and brought new life to them as both Creative Director and Art Director. He brings edge, attitude and intelligence to everything he does. He is a team player and great fun to work with. He works hard and plays hard and nobody will be more passionate about ideas than Pat. I highly recommend Patrick and would work with him again in a heartbeat.”

Bryan Tenenhouse, VP Creative Director: DraftFCB

“Patrick is easily the most talented creative I have EVER worked with - not only did he create just plain hot designs and campaigns - he understands the business issues and strategies at play. He could solve minutes. Clients trusted him completely - he was never afraid to be honest and up front with them, and they appreciated it. He made my job fun and easy...Pat Weir is a genius in his field. He just gets it all. Did I mention his designs are amazing?”

Kate Shanks, Account Supervisor: The Hive

“Simply put, Patrick is a creative force. He fuels creativity. He's a motivator, and inspirational leader and team player, and impressive in any brainstorm. One of the continually fascinating things about Pat is his ability to - practically on demand - come up with new and interesting approaches to client challenges. He's a pleasure to work with/for. He's also a mad scientist when it comes to the barbecue.”

Dan Simon, Art Director: DraftFCB

“Patrick’s creativity is big, interrupting, informed and always leading edge - a rare combination for a Creative Director that works in several disciplines. He understands branding, yet is also able to grab consumers and motivate them to do something. He embraces the insights provided in a brief, but more often than not crafts a brilliantly simple idea from conversations and questions asked of the brand/agency team outside the limitations of the brief. His work is effective in motivating clients and consumers. And his inexplicable ability to know what’s next, and uncanny knack to stay amidst the ‘influencers’ makes Patrick an unparalleled creative resource.”

Kevin Lamb, Senior Shopper Marketing and Insights Manager: ConAgra Foods

“I worked with Patrick while a Product Manager at CAS Sports, the Private Label & OEM brands division of Ride located in Toronto. Patrick acted as our defacto creative department on a multitude of snowboard & skateboard projects from deck graphics to accessory packaging, catalogues & a range of collateral materials. Pat brought an amazing passion to all of our projects and didn’t mind being squeezed on some deadlines.(OK all the deadlines!) Patrick demonstrated a solid understanding of action sports youth culture and more importantly how to help build strong brand identities in a very crowded brandscape. I later successfully worked with Patrick while he was at Encore Encore Strategic Marketing on a Molson’s national in -case promotion that resulted in some amazing brand exposure for my company, significant incremental sales and directly lead to our company’s ability to obtain a key NHL/NHLPA license as a result of that promotion. I recommend Patrick to anyone looking for an innovative brand thinker with a non stop creative motor!”

Michael Tadgell, Product & OEM Manager: Ride Snowboards

“In 2002 I was new to Coca-Cola and was the lead for the upcoming Summer promotion. Patrick was hired as the creative director to lead the direction of the photo shoot for the summer campaign. Patrick was a true professional and a pleasure to work with. He brought in a strong team including an incredible photographer. He provided strong leadership to he team on set, made me comfortable with the direction of the shoot. He offers great insight and has the ability to bring concept to reality for the client. Under his directions, the end results were outstanding. I still consider this one of my favourite programs."

Sandra Shatilla, Senior Integrated Marketing Manager: Coca-Cola

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