December 18, 2012 Posted by admin in


Okay maybe not all three together...

Work has been crazy and it is always my first priority but I like to spread my wings a lil when time allows, even if it is at 2am (like it is right now).

So y'all can look for a few exciting things coming from me in the new year including...

- MOBILE: Not one but TWO new mobile apps...the first is in the final design stage and I am still gathering more research on the second...have an idea for a third but it will have to wait in line.

- TV: As we all know... Content is king. So I am also building a package for a new TV show idea that has perked some ears of a few key people.

- DINNER: On top of all that my lovely wife Jessie and I also hope to at least soft launch our booze inspired food line called 'Whiskey & Cleavers' in 2013.

So it's going to be a busy year...but I am up for the challenge.

Like they say, sleep when you're dead. Right?

Talk soon.
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